Tailgate Lift Power Unit 2
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Tailgate Lift Power Unit 2

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General Description

This power unit is specially designed for the tailboard of urban logistics truck, including DC12V ,DC24V, DC48V

and other electric voltage classes. The tailboard' s load weight 0 7T,which can be used for lifting and turning with

electric drive, descending by gravity. Wire control and remote control are both available.

Outline Dimension

Tailgate Lift Power Unit 2

Hydraulic circuit optional 054

Tailgate Lift Power Unit 2

Model Specifications

Tailgate Lift Power Unit 2

Special Notes

1.For different flow rate pump.pressure and motor power. please check the ordering guidance.

2.This motor is based on gap working system S2=2 - 4min(continuous working time),so it cannot run continuously.

3.Before installation,the cylinder,oil pipe,joint and other hydraulic components must be cleaned and free from any impurities.

4.The viscosity of hydraulic oil should be 15-68cst and should be clean and free of impurities. HM46 hydraulic oil is recommended.

5.If you need manual oil discharge device for emergency. please specify when ordering.

6.Check that whether there is enough oil in the oil tank immediately after the first operating of the system.

7.The hydraulic oil should be replaced after the first 100 hours'use of the system, and change the oil every 3,000 hours after that.


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